Repair and Play Limited Warranty Information

Limited Warranty

SGT FixIt Phone Repair LLC dba Repair and Play can be referred to as “Repair and Play” and/or “R&P”


All Devices should be backed up prior to repair, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure data is backed up. Customer agrees and acknowledges that Repair and Play is not responsible for any data loss or corruption of data. No duty of confidentiality exists between Repair and Play and the Customer with respect to any data on the Device.

Repair Risks

Any electronic repair can be unpredictable, especially if there has been a drop, physical or liquid damage or trauma to the board, even in the absence of physical damage to the phone. iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 and 5, and certain other tablets have the LCD and Digitizer fused together and are securely glued to the frame of the Device, there is a chance that during removal of these screens damage could occur. Repair and Play is not responsible for damage caused during removal process, although this is not common, it is possible. Customer will be liable for replacement parts if needed. Touch ID and Face ID may also fail during repair, although not common, it is possible depending on Device condition. Repair and Play will make every effort to notify Customer of any possible issues, although it is impossible to predict everything that may happen with Device.

Limited Warranty

Repair and Play offers a 1 year warranty on all repairs, if any issue arises from the original repair, Repair and Play will replace it at no cost to Customer. This warranty does not apply damage caused by Customer or a 3rd party, including but not limited to: physical or liquid damage, issues not relating to initial repair, jailbreaking, misuse, additional repairs completed by another repair shop, parts provided by Customer, soldering repairs, damage to HDMI ports after repaired, software issues, including virus removal and OS installation or any alterations made by Customer or another repair shop. 

Special Order Parts

Any parts that are special ordered because the part is not regularly carried in-store require 50% down payment and are non-refundable if Customer cancels order.

Pickup of Device/Sale of Device

Due to the limited storage space, Repair and Play will only hold Devices for 30 days after Customer has been notified that the Device is ready for pickup. If Customer does not contact Repair and Play within the 30 days, Customer agrees that the Device is considered abandoned and R&P will have the right to sell the Device to recoup any service/part costs associated with the repair. If the Device is non-functioning, Repair and Play has the right to recycle the Device, communication between Customer and Repair and Play is critical. 

Personal Information

Information provided by Customer will only be used to assist in repair of Device or contacting the Customer. Repair and Play will not use/rent/sell personal information to third parties without Customer’s prior approval. 

Customer Provided Parts

If Customer wants to provide parts for a Device, Customer is responsible for the functionality or non-functionality of the part. Repair and Play does not guarantee nor warranty parts provided by Customer, regardless of functionality of device after part replacement, Customer is still responsible for labor costs associated with that repair. Repair and Play does not sell parts to Customers or 3rd parties as this is an unnecessary liability.

YouTube & Recordings

Repairs of Devices will be recorded if possible, this is to protect both Repair and Play and the Customer. No personal information will be shared/rented/sold to any 3rd party and will only be used to contact Customer or test Device before and after repair. Some videos may be uploaded to YouTube for educational purposes, no information identifying the customer will be shown on YouTube. Customers privacy is paramount.