B2B Discounted Repairs

SGT FixIt Phone Repair LLC dba Repair and Play offers discounted Business to Business (B2B) rates which are typically on average 30% off to facilitate customer repairs.

We hold repair shops to a higher standard in order to facilitate the B2B discount, these are the guidelines:

– You have pre-diagnosed the issue to be a board level problem.

– You will allow for adequate time to repair devices.

– You understand if we do not have a password to test device, we cannot confirm repairs thoroughly, which may result in additional charges.

– You will disclose any previous repairs.

– You will provide ticket number with shipment(s).

– You will assume all support for end customer,

– You will make timely payments of open invoices after repair.

– You will not disclose our contact information to the end customer.

– You will use the repair status page for updates.