The Importance of visiting a Certified Electronics Repair Shop.

A few years ago, if your mobile phone got damaged, you would just visit the nearest phone repair shop to get it fixed. However, these days if your phone got damaged, it just means you’ll be making a trip to the phone store to purchase a new one.

The reason for this is partly due to mobile phones being more complex than before and the design of the phone. The latter is attributed to manufacturers that have made independent phone repair shops less of a viable option by releasing repair information only to designated electronic repair shops.

Now, what does this mean for consumers? It simply means that consumers are left with the option of visiting a Best Buy or any store where the device was purchased with a valid receipt of purchase to fix minor problems that a local repair shop could have fixed within a shorter time and at a cheaper rate.

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Cultural Importance of Anime

Pronounced as Ah-nie-may, these Japanese cartoons derived from the English word “animation”. Anime originates from Japan but has become popular globally. Japanese animation has been in existence since the twentieth century and has grown into more than a billion-dollar industry. Anime is one of Japan’s greatest contributions to the world and anime is an important part of culture. Japanese anime exists in various genres ranging from romance to fantasy to adventure. Popular examples are Naruto, Bleach, Seven Deadly Sins, and many more. Although, anime also exist in non-popular genres like cyberpunk and mechatronics (involving robots).

The overwhelming feeling that anime has brought to the global population has created individual interest in the Japanese culture and language. So much so, that people nurture a desire to visit the country where their favorite anime are from. 

In western countries, like The United States, anime is known to be more than just about the Japanese series or movie animation but also defines a certain style of art.

So, the real question is how has anime impacted the Japanese and western culture?

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We repair cell phones, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, MacBooks, Apple Watches and motherboard issues. We are the only true micro soldering source in Lawton, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. 

Our extensive anime collection includes Funko POP!, Manga, Wall Art, Games, Model Kits and more!

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